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Satarah, on their show Bloom: Transformations in Charlotte, NC 2016


Profile in Whurk Magazine, issue 44, October 2016


Profile on ShenFringe for Whurk Magazine, issue 38, April 2016


Interview with WMRA's The Spark. Aired Dec. 18, 2015 entitled "DIY Vaudeville"


Profile in Staunton News Leader on ShenFringe 2016


Article in Staunton News Leader on The Kettle opening, August 2016

"When we planned Bloom this year, we really wanted it to be something special. We were struggling with how to carry the theme of Life, Death and Rebirth throughout the show. That's when Carmel came in and saved the evening. Her creativity and passion created a cohesion, a story, a beauty in our event that I don't think we could have pulled off otherwise. She made the night exactly what we had dreamt of."